Answers: Answers: Advanced Module 6 & Module 10 > Cannot connect to repository

When trying to open the code editor for the below two module assessments I am given the error ‘Cannot connect to repository’. Screenshot attached for reference.

Answers: Advanced > Module 10 > Module Assessment
Answers: Advanced > Module 6 > Module Assessment

Hey Natasha,
I have the exact same issue for the Module 6 since yesterday (I haven’t done module 10 yet).
It’s probably a general bug.

Hey Hafsa and Natasha - correct, this is a bug that we are working on fixing! We will keep you posted here when this is resolved.

Quick update! I’ve extended the expiration date on both your challenge accounts for modules 6 and 10, so that you won’t lose progress as we look into this. Thank you for your patience!

@Hafsa_Abid @Natasha_Pilipovic @Steven_Nunes - this is now an open issue internally with engineering. I will keep you all posted here!

@Hafsa_Abid @Natasha_Pilipovic @Steven_Nunes This has been fixed by our engineering team and shouldn’t happen again. Thanks for letting us know!