Answers Headless and Answers Headless React (Winter '21 Release)

Answers Headless and Answers Headless React provide new tools for developers building custom Answers frontend experiences.

Answers Headless is a new library that incorporates the business logic needed to power a search experience. It also exposes a simple, easy-to-use state to represent your Answers application, managed using Redux.

Answers Headless React is a series of React bindings that make it easier to create a search experience in React. To get up and running with Answers Headless React, developers can use our React Site Search Starter, a sample app complete with universal and vertical search pages, and React components for search.

Answers Headless and Answers Headless React can be used together when building a frontend for Answers. They are an excellent option for those looking for more flexibility in how they present their Answers experience, React developers, and anyone hoping to take advantage of pre-built business logic and state management on top of the Answers API.

The Answers Core, Answers Headless, and Answers Headless React libraries build on each other, so installing Answers Headless React leverages Answers Headless and Answers Core as well.

Now, any of the following three libraries that can be leveraged when building AI Search:

These two new libraries are alternatives to using the Search UI SDK or Jambo and the Hitchhikers Theme.

Alternatively, for those looking to get up and running with an out-of-the-box frontend quickly, the Hitchhikers Theme will still be available.

For details on how to build AI Search using Answers Headless and Answers Headless React, visit our Answers Headless React guide. You can also visit additional documentation here.

V1.0.0 of Answers Headless and Answers Headless React have been officially released with Winter GA! Feel free to post any questions in the community, and view related posts under the ans-headless and ans-headless-react tags.