Anyone else missing the 4 Listings Overview boxes?

Wanted to share some feedback for everyone to get others’ input and to hopefully pass it along to the developers with regards to the changes made to the Listing page within Yext after the Winter release…

Every month I do an audit of my client’s account to ensure everything is in working order, and before the Winter release, I would do that by logging into my admin account and visiting the top-level Listing page. From there I would review the 4 boxes at the top of the page to see what clients and listings have errors, were not synced, had duplicates to suppress, and review suggestions that come in. It was super easy to see all 4 categories within the boxes and I even told clients to regularly check those boxes to see how things were going with their listings whenever they were interested.

Now with the new Winter release, the 4 boxes have been removed and replaced with a log, transparent view of all listings and their status. This is fine for showing transparency, and will probably be okay for my clients when they are logged into their accounts that only include 1-4 entities, but for me it’s awful. I can no longer get a pulse of things at a glance when auditing 86 entities, instead, I have to visit multiple pages and lists to get the details and it’s taking me 3 times as long to complete my audit.

All in all, the winter release is great with the exception of removing the 4 “overview” boxes on the Listing page. Is there any way to return those boxes? If not then what’s the best way to audit all my client’s accounts in an efficient manner?

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Hi Ryan,

Thank you so much for your feedback.

We have noted this and passed it on to our Product Team.

In the meantime, there is trick which you can do to return to the old Listings UI by visting this URL:[[businessId]]/listings**/all#sortCol=DEFAULT&sortDir=asc&tab=overview**

The business ID is the 7 digit code that you see when you log into your Yext account:

I hope this helps!

Many thanks,