Listings - Error (403)

Hi there,
In setting up our Yext app we’re getting a 403 error when trying to visit the listings section:

It simply says “You are not allowed to access this page.”
Does anyone know what might be causing this permission error? Do we need a special kind of account for this functionality? Or perhaps someone could suggest a few debugging steps?

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

Hi Chris,

Our Developer Accounts don’t have Listings services by default. I would recommend using a Playground Account which is in our sandbox environment in order to explore those features.

What kind of app are you building? We might have some recommendations based on the goals you have. We can also connect you to our Partnerships team.


Hi @Liz_Frailey,

After researching about Yext, the thing we need is to become a publisher in Yext Knowledge Network. But we couldn’t find a contact to become Yext Publsiher.
We just found a page to become a Partner (Yext Partner Programs | Become a Partner). It seems not for publisher integration.

Could you please share me about this information so our team can contact to Yext?

Thanks in advance