Apply Solution Template to one Answers experience

We are creating a new Answers experience for a client and want to do this using a Solution Template. In the Solution Template instructions, it looks like you apply via Account ID. Is there a way to specify this should only be applied to one experience/site?

Hey Jordan,

You’ll always need to specify an Account ID when applying a Solution Template. However, you can definitely use Solution Templates to create a new Answers experience. If there is an existing Answers experience in your account, you’ll want to update a few things before applying the Solution Template:

  1. Backend Answers search config: Update the $id, and $name to something unique (we recommend adding the brand name the site is for, ex: answers-[brand]). This ensures you create a new search config rather than overwrite the existing one. Applying the Solution Template as is without changing these names will overwrite the existing search config (if it has the same name) to the default found in the Solution Template.

  1. Frontend Answers site: Update the $id, $siteName, and targetRepoName to something unique (we recommend adding the brand name the site is for, ex: Answers-Retail-Banking-[brand]) to create a new site.

  1. If you have previously applied this Solution Template to set up the account, you may not need the other config files in the analytics, km, and pages folders. You may delete these files in the Admin Console before applying the Solution Template if that is the case. If you have made changes in your account since applying the Solution Template, you’ll want to delete these files so that you don’t overwrite any changes you made.

  2. Once you successfully apply the Solution Template to your account and create a new Answers frontend and backend, you’ll need to do one more thing. Navigate into your new frontend Code Editor and update the experienceKey in locale_config.json to the new key you renamed it to in Step 1 above.

Check out the Solution Templates track to learn more!