Best Practices for Entity Saved Searches

Hi there,

I’m interested in learning more about best practices around saved searches. In particular, I’d like to understand which properties make the most sense to filter on to determine which entities surface in Answers. Right now I am using a combination of a Yes/No field called “Active on Answers” along with a filter on Entity Type. Should I also include a filter on licenses or other fields? Or is this Yes/No field sufficient? It is important to my client that they are able to add entities to their Yext account without them immediately surfacing on Answers.

Let me know your thoughts!


@roser as a follow up to this, how do I find the Saved Search ID to add to my config?


Hi Anna, with the fall release, you’ll be able to see these saved search ids in Account settings → Saved filters!

We do recommend always having a filter, as you said, that will avoid entities showing up as soon as they’re added to the Yext account. In terms of what to filter on, it depends a bit on the ideal workflow of your client. Generally:

  • Entity type
  • It’s a good idea to include the licenses, to make sure you’re using the allotted amount
  • Other common filters could be around the client’s business rules, like “closed = false”, to make sure you aren’t accidentally including closed locations/people.

Let us know if you have any additional questions!

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