Cannot find document corresponding to slug

I am creating a new Pages site and following this guide.
So far I have …

  1. created a new template page
  2. changed my stream id (line 26)
  3. renamed my export default constant (lines 78 and 93).

I’ve run npm install (and ensured im using v17), npm run dev. I see 10 template pages generated successfully (& i see the fields in my localData file) but when i try to navigate to my entity page I get this error:

ERROR: 404
`Cannot find document corresponding to slug: director-enterprise-sales-2491498

This may be an issue local to me because I had my coworker try to build and he was successful in viewing the pages…

I’ve resolved this for myself!

I realized that my yext brew needed an upgrade. after running the update command and re-running npm run dev everything is working as expected!