Change your Hitchhikers email address

First, navigate to your Hitchhikers profile. Click on your name in the upper-right of the screen, and then View Profile.

Once you’re in your profile, click the pencil icon on the image in the left sidebar to edit your information.

From there, change your email address to the email you’d like to use to login to Hitchhikers. Click Save and then Are You Sure? to confirm.

You’ll still see your old email address in the left sidebar for now — don’t panic! We’ll send you a confirmation email at the new email address you entered. Click the link in the confirmation email to log in to Hitchhikers again under your new email address.

What if I have two Hitchhikers accounts?

If you have two accounts (e.g., one under your personal email and one under your work email) and you’d like to change your email address, there are a couple extra steps.

First, login to the Hitchhikers profile that has the email address you’d like to continue using. Since we can’t have two Hitchhikers profiles under the same email address, you’ll first need to change this account to something different before you can assign the email address to your other profile.

Using the steps above, change your email address to something else. An easy way to do this is to add “+1” to the end of your email, like this:

Then, follow the steps in the confirmation email to confirm the change. Once that’s done, log into your other Hitchhikers account. Now you’re free to change that account to your preferred email address, making sure to follow the steps in the confirmation email to complete the process.

Can I combine or merge two Hitchhikers accounts?

Right now, no — if you have two accounts and want to continue using just one, follow the steps above (under “What if I have two Hitchhikers accounts?”)

Can I delete my Hitchhikers account?

If you need to delete an account, we can help! Reach out to our support email below.

Still stuck? Reach out to us at

I tried to change mine from an old company email address to my own to continue learning and expanding my Yext skill sets after I left that company. It will not allow me to update it. I get the confirmation email, click the link, but when I try to log back in, it tells me I’m not a user.

Hi Bev,

So sorry you’re having this issue!! Could you send a screenshot of what you’re seeing as well as a screenshot of the Console?

You can access the Console in Chrome by right clicking and going to “Inspect” and navigating to “Console” tab. You may see errors there. Here’s an example:

This will help us debug!

That is exactly what I did. I get the link in my new email address, but it doesn’t update and when I log back in, it tells me the user doesn’t exist.

And perhaps I’ve discovered my issue… I must need to click update link in the email from the same device I changed it on. I changed it on my laptop, and clicked the link from my mobile.

I’m trying to update my account from my personal email to my Yext email but it is not letting me save the update (Save button is not activated).

Hey Jennifer! Thanks for pointing this out - our team is going to look into this one and we’ll keep you posted.

@Jenny_Cox this should be resolved - go ahead and try to change it again and let us know if you have issues!

Thank you, all fixed!