Clarification on character limit

Hi Community,

When adding entities to my Knowledge Graph, I encountered some conflicting information on character field length.

The Field Types Documentation states that Multi-line and Rich Text fields can store up to 15,000 characters.

When adding text to the built-in Body field, the error message mentions 100,000 characters:

Is the Body field an exception?

Also, are there plans on increasing a character limit? The brand wants to store the content of PDF files which have varying lengths (some are 200+ pages.).

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey Max!

Those limitations are specifically for custom fields of the relevant built-in types. Some built-in fields, like the Body field, are treated specially and have differing validation than custom fields of those types.

We do not currently plan to extend that character limit. The maximum size of a profile in KG is 1MB, so we don’t actually recommend attempting to store >1,000,000 characters on a single profile across all fields.

Loading in a 200+ page PDF as text is probably not a desirable approach given those limitations. We are working on a more first-class solution for storing and indexing PDFs, rather than relying on storing them as text fields in KG. I’ll be updating this idea on the Ideas Board with progress on that front!

Thanks Jesse! That all makes sense. I’ll look out for updates on that idea :slight_smile: