Conditionally Display Banner/Message when "No FAQ Results Returned"

Hi Team,

I have a client that wants to display a message if there are no results returned for FAQ search. Right now, the behavior is to show all FAQ results (as expected), but my client wants to, additionally, show a banner/some sort of message at the top of the page that prompts the searcher to visit their member assistance page.

Is there a way to target this conditionally?
Right now, I have a text banner that displays at the bottom of the page that offers this member assistance page - but I suppose they want it to go to the top of the page in some instances, such as when the algorithm deems there are no relevant FAQs to display.


Hi Luc,

Do they want this to appear only on no results, or all the time?

If it’s a persistent banner, I would review this unit to add an HTML banner to the page HBS - Page Layout | Hitchhikers

If it’s just for no results, you can override the No Results template - here’s some context: No result configuration to include chat feature - #3 by Sarah_Bokhari

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Hey Amani,

Perfect! They want it for just no results… so I think the template should more than suffice.

Thank you!!!