Custom OAuth Providers (Summer '22 Release)

This Summer, we’ve built upon the OAuth 2.0 authentication method in the Connectorsframework and added support for Custom Providers. This feature allows users to configure their own custom providers, providing maximum flexibility by ensuring that businesses do not need to rely on Yext’s built-in providers in order to integrate with external systems which require OAuth 2.0.

Once a user has configured a custom provider, they can link accounts for that provider and create custom Pull-From-API Connectors that use OAuth 2.0 authentication to access APIs.

To leverage this feature, users must turn on the Summer '22: Custom OAuth Providers (early access) feature in their account.

The first step is to add and define the custom provider. This is what enabled you to establish an OAuth connection between the provider and Yext.

Once you do this, you can then add a Linked Account for that service. Then, once the account is linked you can use the account in a Pull from API Connector to authenticate an API request!

For full instructions on adding a Custom OAuth Provider, visit our guide.