Google Drive Connector Source (Spring '22 Release)

We’ve added a new Google Drive Connector Source that allows you to pull in content from your Google Drive account. In order to use this source, you must first link your Google Drive account to Yext via OAuth. With the source, you can pull in the metadata for all of the different file types you have in Google Drive. For Google Documents, you can additionally pull in the document content.

To leverage this Connector Source navigate to the Add Data flow and click Build Connector then select Google Drive.

Once you do this you select the Google Drive Linked Account you’d like to fetch files from, and the File Scope. Either User which includes the files that your specific user has access to, or Domain which includes anything that is shared with your domain. Note: this is only available for corporate Google accounts.

For more information on how to set up the Linked Account to create a Connector with the Google Drive Source that requires OAuth visit the Support for OAuth Community post.

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