Data Mapping JSON to KG Entity with TS Function Data Connector

I wrote a custom TS function that calls multiple APIs and using it as a data connector. I would like to map a list of objects that is returned by the data connector to a list of custom entity type (List of Struct) in my KG:

And the JSON returned from the Data Connector looks like:

    "isHidden": false,
    "slot": 1,
    "name": "overgrow",
    "url". :""}"," 
    "isHidden": true,
    "slot": 3,
    "name": "chlorophyll",
    "url" :""

Is it possible to map a list of JSON objects to a “List of Struct” field type for an entity or do I have to have my TS function break up each member of each object in their own lists (example below) and then map each broken out field into a sub-column?

    "abilitiesIsHidden": [false, true],
    "abilitySlots": [1, 3],
    "abilityNames": ["overgrow", "chlorophyll"],
    "abilityUrls": ["" ,""]