Data Modeling Module (KG123) - Error despite adding Restaurant Features Field

Hello, I keep getting an Error in Module 4 of Data Modeling. I have added the Restaurant Features Field (and included the proper name, api, multi-option select, etc. to “Restaurant Entity” but cannot proceed.

Not sure what the problem is…


Hi Eric,

It looks like you have a typo in ‘Accepting Reservations’


Delete that option & recreate with the corrected spelling, and you should be good!

Good catch! However, I seem to still be getting the Error to “Add Restaurant Features custom field” but I thought that was complete (and the typo is fixed.

Any other ideas? Thanks much!!!

Hey Eric,

It looks like you just renamed the option, instead of removing the incorrect option and creating a new one. Renaming the option doesn’t change the ID (you can see it still shows as ACCEPTING_RESEVATIONS).


It looks like I uploaded the Field Specification incorrectly and I’m not sure how to delete or edit this field type. I see that you’ve suggested to delete this option but I’m not sure how to do this and I’ve hit a roadblock.

Hi Breada,

Is there a specific field you’re having issues with? To delete on of the Available Options, you can click into the custom field by visiting Account Settings > Custom Fields > and clicking into the Custom field. When you click into the custom field you should see a trashcan next to the item.

If you are looking to change the Field Specification itself. E.g, switching the field from a ‘Single-Select’ to ‘Multi-Select’ field, you will need to delete the entire custom field and re-create it. You cannot change the field type on an existing Custom Field. To delete an entire Custom Field, select the checkbox next to the Custom Field and click on the Delete button.

You can see more details in the Custom Fields unit:

Let me know if that helps, or if there is a specific field you’d like to dig into!

Thanks for the reply!

The later - I believe I messed up on Restaurant Hours by selecting the Max Character Count instead of the Hours field specification and I must have done something similar for the others because I can’t pass this segment.

Where does that “delete button” live? I could only see the Check Box and wasn’t sure how to delete it.

Super helpful – Thank you!!

Hi! I am also getting an error in the Module 4 challenge, saying i did not create the Delivery Hours custom field. I have gone back and deleted, recreated it 4-5 times and i still get the same error…any thoughts?

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I’m seeing the same error in Module 4. It’s not finding the entity types that I’ve created.

You can find the delete button for the Custom Fields here:

It will become clickable once you select the Custom Field you’d like to delete.

Hi Jimmy,

It looks like you have an extra space after ‘Delivery Hours’ in the name of your Custom Field. Our system is looking for an exact match, so deleting this extra space should do the trick!

That worked! thanks so much!

Hi Harry,

It actually looks like your issue is pertaining to a different module. In this instance, your API name for the Community Story entity type doesn’t match the capitalization in the instructions. You will just need to delete the entity type and recreate it with the correct API name capitalization.

Hello, I am receiving the same error that states “Add all the new fields to the Restaurant Entity type”. I have checked my spelling and have tried a few times, but keep getting this error. May you please advise? Thanks in advance!

Hi Shayna, and welcome to the Community!

It looks like you just missed step 7: 1. Add the Promoting Events field you created above to the Restaurant type as well.

Once you adjust the Field Availability for that Custom Field you should be all set!

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Oh my goodness Caroline, thank you!

Hello, I am having trouble as well with the Data Modeling Module Assessment. I copied and pasted all the API names and features so I am not sure what else needs to be changed, Please advise! Thanks!

Hi @Alec_Brand! Welcome to the Community!

It looks like there are few things missed here:

  1. The Delivery Hours field should have the type = Hours instead of Multi Line Text (step 9 in the challenge). You should then create a new custom field for Delivery Disclaimer which is Multi-Line (Step 10 of the challenge)
    Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 6.13.01 PM

  2. For Restaurant Type error, you’ll want to delete the two options and re-add them without quotes so that it’s an exact match (no quotes on Food Truck or Dine-in Restaurant).
    Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 6.24.11 PM

Let me know if you have any questions once you resolve those things!


Thanks Alyssa! I’m still receiving an error regarding the ‘Restaurant Features’ entity type which looks correct to me! Do you know what I missed there? Thank you so much for your help!

Hi @Alec_Brand,

Looks like there is a comma after “Dog Friendly” for the Restaurant Features which is causing your error. I have removed it and it should work now.

For the Restaurant fields error, don’t forget to add all the requested fields to the Restaurant (hint hint, step 7 of the challenge)!