Differentiating the market - Using Users Location in Query Rules


We are investigating the task of differentiating the European market from the American one.
We have seen that with Query Rules it would be possible for the client’s website to send us the “context” and we could apply a filter according to the variable that it send us. But with this option we would have to implicate the client’s developer team in order for them to send us this variable with the market the user belongs to. Is it possible to obtain this information from Yext? Could it be possible to see the user’s IP or whether he has activated the location to apply a filter?

Greatly appreciated.

Hi @Juan_Manuel_Olalla, happy Friday! I think this is a really interesting use case for our product. Today it is possible to filter down results using context, but as you mentioned it will require client-side work to set the market context. I did pass your idea on to our Answers Product Management team, and we will explore the idea of filtering on the Yext side using an IP address. I will follow-up with details if there’s a feasible solution; however, for now, I recommend working with your client on setting the market context client side.


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