Product Entity Type - Best Practice for Differentiating Domestic vs. International

My client has both domestic and international banking products, but is based in the US. Should I use the built-in “country” field to separate these products or create a custom field to address? It seems that the “country” field requires specification of country rather than differentiating between domestic and international.

Hi Kara,

I would say it depends on how you want to use the information stored in that field. Do you want to display it on the results card? Should users be able to search for terms like “domestic, international, American, French”? Do you want to set this field as a facet? And so on…

I lean towards adding a custom field to store information on country or specification on domestic/international status. This should give you the most flexibility in utilizing this field (or fields).

As you mentioned, the built-in country field is a requirement for all Yext entities that is used for things like address and phone validation. Also, values in the country field are stored in the form of two-letter ISO codes (“US”, “FR”, etc.) which typically does not reflect how users search using natural language.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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