Duplicate a Connector (June '21 Release)

You now have the ability to duplicate an existing Connector to quickly and easily create a similar Connector.

To do this, hover over Knowledge Graph in the top navigation bar and click Connectors. Click on the drop-down arrow next to View and click Duplicate.

When you duplicate a Connector, a new Connector is created with the exact same configuration and the same name with “(Copy)” appended. “Copy” is also appended to the ID. You can click Edit Configuration to change the Name and ID, as well as any aspects of the new Connector’s configuration.

The ability to duplicate can save time creating Connectors with similar configurations. For example, if a Financial Services customer has a Crawler Connector set up to pull in Location entities for their bank branches, they can easily duplicate the Crawler and adjust it to pull in ATM entities since both entity types can pull from the same source.

To learn more, visit the Data Connectors & the Crawler training module.