"Entity Preview" in "Score Entity Relevancy"

Hi Community,

one question to the possibility of adjusting the entity preview in “Answers” → “Search Terms” → “Score Entity Relevancy”.
Actually, i have the problem that we have a lot of (insurance) products (entities) and we can only see the “entity type name” (always the same!) and the “entity id” for each search term, as you can see in the following screenshot:

So, without checking the ID to find out which product is meant, i could not decide if this product is relevant or not to that specific search term. For that example the “Rich Text Name”, which would help us, is:
This is a screenshot from the entity type “Produkt” screen in our KG.

Is it possible to see exactly that information in der “Score Entity Relevancy”? Could i configure it on my own? Maybe it is already possible and i just could not find the right hitchhikers unit or topic… :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance.

Best regards