Filter entities dynamically for certain timeframes based on a date field

Hi team,
Is there any way to filter dynamically for certain timeframes based on a date type custom field?

Use case: I’d like to dynamically surface all entities in my Search Experience that had a last activity within the last year. All entities that haven’t been updated in this time frame shouldn’t show up.

The last activity field is a date field that gets updated automatically via API.
So far the only option I have is to set fixed dates in the saved filter settings.
But I would need sth like “365 days before [last activity date]”.


Hi Hauke,

Currently, filters for date fields can only be set to a specific date.

However, there is a similar request, that is under consideration, currently in the Ideas board that mentions dynamic dates for saved filters. I would recommend that you upvote this post and add a comment with the details/capabilities you think would be most useful for the Product team to consider for a future release.