Google Maps on Answers Experiences in IE11 (SDK Version 1.12.2)

Google Maps released a new version of their Javascript API that fully deprecates IE11 support (see their post for more information).

We’ve released an Answers Search UI patch to address this (1.12.2). If you have a locations vertical and are using Google Maps, your map will no longer function in IE11. If IE11 support is important to your site, you can:

  1. Switch to Mapbox. See this module if you’re using the HH theme, and these docs if you’re using the Search UI SDK
  2. Upgrade Your Search UI SDK Version. If you’re using the HH theme, upgrade your Theme to the most recent version, and make sure your global_config.json has an sdkVersion of 1.12 (or 1.12.2).

Feel free to post here with any questions.