Google Search Console Dimensions Not Working


We are currently trying to create a view similar to this:

Hitchhiker Number 1

However, we are currently having issues with Data Studio as sometimes it refuses to allow these dimensions and metrics to combine in the table or it just the table isn’t loading. We have also noticed sometimes that the ‘GSC_IMPRESSIONS’ and ‘GSC_CLICKS’ want to work together to make the table, but sometimes not. And if ‘GSC_QUERY_TYPE’ isn’t there, then sometimes the ‘GSC_QUERY’ dimension brings in Chinese (we believe) characters.

We were curious if you’ve experienced this issue before?


Thank you for writing into the community!

I just tested the same thing in Google Data Studio and am running into the same sporadic errors. I’ve taken this back to our engineers and will let you know as soon as I have recommendations from them.

Thank you!

Thank you!

  • Olivia

Hi Olivia,

The error that’s popping up for both of us when we try to combine “GSC_IMPRESSIONS” and “GSC_CLICKS” is an error we are receiving from Google Data Studio. So the app connection is working, but there’s an issue on the GDS side that’s causing the data not to appear. We are going to reach out to GDS reporting this error and hopefully they can fix it.

One thing I realized is that when you create the table with just the “GSC_QUERY” dimension and the “GSC_IMPRESSIONS” the reason non-English data populates first is because it’s not sorted by “GSC_IMPRESSIONS” descending. If you update it to sort by the “GSC_IMPRESSIONS” column in descending order then you will see the same terms you see in your dashboard in your Yext account.

In the meantime, you could also make 4 tables with the dimension as “GSC_QUERY” and the metrics: “GSC_IMPRESSIONS,” “GSC_CLICKS,” “GSC_CTR,” and “GSC_POSITION” each in their own table (sorted in descending order) until Google Data Studio fixes the issue.

Thank you!