How to find the API name of the External Location field for the built-in Job entity type?

Hi All,

I’m excited to be featuring all of our company’s job offerings within our Answers experience! Rather than linking each job opportunity to an Existing Location entity in the account, we decided to use External Locations instead to identify the city in which the Job is located.

In order to make the vertical search experience for Jobs more robust, we’d like to add a searchable facet on the External Location field. However, I’m having some trouble finding the appropriate api name for the External Locations field. First I exported a Job entity from the Knowledge Graph, but the column name was ‘Location > External Location’. I then navigated to Account Settings → Manage Entity Types → Job to look for the field name, but couldn’t find anything related to the External Location field.

I took a look in the Answers Search Config and confirmed that External Location is not a searchable field. builtin.location appears to be the field that is enabling the location based search for job entities. However, when I try to enable a facet on this field, nothing appears in the frontend.

That said, I was thinking of adding a custom field of the Single-line text type that would allow me to add the relevant city for each Job entity. I could then enable a facet on this field in the backend which would give me the functionality I’m looking for. To avoid any issues with location based searches, I will not add a textSearch nor an nlpFilter to the custom field.

This brings me to my question - Is there somewhere else I can find the API name for the External Location field or does the alternate approach I’ve laid out above seem reasonable.

Thank you!

Hi Austin,

The API Name for that field is location.externalLocation. Give that a try and let us know if it works!


Hi Liz,

Thanks for the quick response!

I tried location.externalLocation but got the following error:

However, I confirmed that the field does exist for Job entities in the Knowledge Graph below.

Thank you for the help here!

Hey @Liz_Frailey - just following up here, I’m having the same issue here where the API Name location.externalLocation doesn’t seem to be pulling from that jobs External Location field onto the Answers experience - any tips?
Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 7.33.12 PM

Hi Hannah,

It looks like there’s a bug in the job-standard card in the theme (v 1.16). The subtitle field is using location.externalLocation instead of profile.location.externalLocation.

In addition to that, there’s no null-checking happening on the fields in the subtitle which is why it’s printing like that.

We’ll get a fix in an upcoming theme release. In the meantime, you can fork the job-standard card to fix the field and add a null check to the subtitle like this

subtitle: (profile.c_department ? profile.c_department : '') + (profile.c_department && profile.location.externalLocation ? " | " : '')  + (profile.location.externalLocation ? profile.location.externalLocation : ''), 

Let me know if you have any more questions!


@Liz_Frailey Thanks for this post everyone! I’m working through this same issue. Your code above was great for displaying subtitles on the card Liz but I just wanted to call out that the issue with setting this field in the backend as a facet is still there. My client is working on a jobs API integration so was hoping there could be a fix without having to duplicate this content to a custom field to display the facet as that’ll add some work for their developers.

Hi Johnathan – thanks for the feedback! It’s currently not possible to do this with the jobs location field, however we’ve noted the product request and are considering it for the roadmap. We’ll keep you posted. (As you noted, the short term workaround is duplicating the field.)