Ideas Overview & Rules of Engagement

Ideas is a feedback platform within the Hitchhikers Program which allows users to shape the development of Yext products. You can submit your own product idea, solution, or feature request and your Idea will be considered for our Yext product roadmap. You can also participate by upvoting an Idea from a fellow Hitchhiker that aligns with your needs or goals. Our Product Strategy teams will be monitoring ideas and responding to your posts on a regular basis.

Ideas is currently in Beta and only available for exclusive Early Access.

Click here to use Ideas but first check out our Rules of Engagement and FAQs.

Rules of Engagement:

  • Search First - it is possible that your Idea has already been reviewed. With that said, we recommend searching first. If you find what you need it will save you time, and save future users so they don’t have to sift through multiple threads on the same topic. If you don’t find what you need though, feel free to post!

  • Provide detail and use cases - in order to help our product teams understand your ask, provide as much detail about your request, the impact and the use cases of the solution for you and your company. Images are always great too!

  • Add a helpful title - Optimizing your post’s title helps it show up in related searches, and allows other members understand what your post is about, at a glance.

  • Try not to post duplicate ideas - before submitting an Idea, take a look at the current ideas on the dashboard. You can filter to your category on the lefthand side. Additionally, in the second step of the submit flow, you’ll see similar Ideas to yours.

  • Do not share any confidential information - please be cautious around any information that is proprietary or confidential to your business.

  • Keep it clean - Anything that is NSFW, spam, or bullying will be removed from the site.