How to Model CTAs for Answers

Hi there,

How would you recommend I model CTAs for Answers cards? Should I make a custom field type with 2 subfields (CTA text and CTA URL) or should I hardcode the CTA label in the template and just use a URL field?


Hi Liz,

This is a great question - as I’m sure you’re aware, clicks are the most important metric in proving the success of the Answers you’re delivering to your customers. To that end, you should build in the flexibility to customize the messaging (the CTA text or Label) of your calls-to-action so that they can be different per entity, rather than hardcoding the label.

For example, say I have two product cards, one for Loans, and one for Credit Cards. Maybe the most important action for Loans is ‘View Rates’, and for Credit Cards it’s ‘Apply Now’. By using a CFT that allows you to customize the CTA text, you’d be able to customize the CTA so it’s most relevant to the entity in question.

I also wanted to point out that most cards support two unique CTAs!

Structure-wise, we’d recommend doing the following:

  • Create a CFT (“CTA”) with two subfields - Text (single-line text field) and URL (url field)
  • Create a custom field using that CFT. Make a list, and set the limit to a maximum of two items.
  • If there’s a standard link destination that’s stored in Yext (ex. the Landing Page URL), bulk edit all relevant entities to have the corresponding profile or custom field embedded in the ‘URL’ subfield.

Let me know if there are any further questions!