I am in challenge: Industry Overview & Product Basics Module 4 Assessment

I am stuck trying to figure out:

  1. Add a new Promoting Events field to the Community Story type that only allows a user to select from Events in the Knowledge Graph. Add to the “Core Information” section for now.
  • Type: Entity Relationship
    **** Relationship Type: One Way***
  • Name: Promoting Events
  • ID: c_promotingEvents
    *** Validation: Check off Events so users can only select Events**

I do not see any option to add the relationship type: One way
I do not see where to add the: Validation - Check off Events so user can only select events
Please help.

Hi Ania,

It looks like you’ve created the field with the correct entity relationship type and validation already - you can verify this in your challenge account by going to Knowledge Graph > Configuration > Fields and clicking into the Promoting Events field.

What’s missing is that the field has not been added to the Core Information section of the Community Story entity type. Here are the module instructions on where to do that:

Navigate to Knowledge Graph > Configuration > Entity Types and click in to “Edit Fields” for Community Story type. (Click the + sign below the “Core Information” section and select “Add Field” to add your custom field there.)

In the meantime, I’ve extended the expiration date on your challenge account until the end of the month so that you have plenty of time to resubmit.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

I had not removed the old/incorrectly selected; Promoting Events in the Fields screen - it was not rendering in the Entity Types screen -

I had to navigate to the Fields screen to delete and then add it as a custom listing from the Entity Types screen.

Update on the issue - solved! Thanks so much!