Yext Suggestions (Fall '20 Release)

If you’ve taken Hitchhikers training, you know that data quality and integrity is SO important to delivering verified answers to customers, wherever they’re asking (whether it’s on Google, Apple, Alexa or on your own website).

With the Suggestions feature, you can get data feedback from other sources to help you stay on top of changes. Now, Yext will help you too!

With this newly added Suggestion source, you will receive recommended best practices to improve the cleanliness and quality of your data. Yext suggestions may come from our algorithms or machine-learning – or they may come from one of our very thorough employees!

These opportunities to easily improve your data quality will appear directly in the Suggestions tab of your Knowledge Graph. Both the underlying intelligence and the overall volume of Suggestions from Yext will continue to increase over time.

To learn more about Suggestions, visit the Approvals & Suggestions training module.

If you have any comments, feedback, or questions on this feature, leave a comment below!