Improved Boost/Bury Entities Query Rule with Filter Property (January '21 Release)

This feature will allow for the ability to select entities for the BOOST_ENTITES/BURY_ENTITIES action using a saved filter from the Knowledge Graph. You no longer need to specify each individual entity when using this rule. This will be particularly useful when boosting/burying entities in bulk. For example, let’s say you’re a Healthcare company, you could create a Saved Filter to group “spine specialists” (any doctor with the specialty field = spine) and boost them to the top for any query that involves “Spine”. This way any doctors with Spine Specialty who get added to the platform will immediately fall into the filter without having to manually edit the config to add the new Entity ID.

To do so, you would first create the Saved Filter in Knowledge Graph. You can review how to create Saved Filters in this training: Saved Filters | Hitchhikers

Then, under the Search Configuration, you can add the savedFilterID to boost/bury these entities like so:

    "criteria": {
       "searchTermContains": [
"actions": [
         "actionType": "BOOST_ENTITIES",
         "entityIds": [],
         "filter": {
            "savedFilterId": {
                "$eq": "1234"
         "verticalKey": "providers"

We also are introducing a new forceResults option to determine if entities are always boosted, or only boosted if they were already in search results. The default behavior already matches forceResults set to true, which means that if the entity is not returned in the results without the action, by default BOOST_ENTITIES will add the entity to the results set. However, setting it to false would specify that the BOOST_ENTITES action should only happen if the entities are already in the search results.

To learn more about this feature, visit the Answers Query Rules training unit.

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This is awesome! There are so many use cases where this has come up – really expands the use cases for query rules.

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This is awesome. I’ve been waiting to use this for one of my accounts to boost/bury entities based on their likely relevance to prospects vs. existing customers. It also looks so straightforward to implement in the config!