Independent non-vertical page with Jambo

Hello, I’d like to add a static page to my Jambo site, but not have it connected to a vertical. Is this something that Jambo supports?

I’ve tried adding just the page.html.hbs file to my pages folder but then no html file is created for it when I jambo build. I’ve also tried providing a minimal page.json in my config folder, and that causes the page to be generated successfully, but it causes errors on the universal search page.

Is there a property I can set in the config to indicate that a page should not be treated as a vertical?


Hey Ben,

If you have a static page that doesn’t need to be generated by Jambo, you can put it in your desktop directory. Then, use the preservedFiles attribute in the jambo.json. This attribute accepts a list of files or directories within desktop that shouldn’t be deleted on a jambo build.

Hope this helps,

Tom Meyer

Hi Tom,

Sorry, my ‘static’ phrasing was misleading. I would like to use a handlebars template and have Jambo generate the page, it’s just not a universal or vertical search page.

Updating with a solution:

I was able to do this by creating a json config for my page with some minimum properties that Jambo / the theme seems to expect. These were verticalKey and pageTitle (the key can be anything, since there’s not a real vertical we’re connecting to). It the latest release of the theme I also had to add verticalsToConfig (I just made it an empty object).

In order to prevent the page from causing errors on the other pages I needed to add excludedVerticals: [<my fake vertical key>] to all of the other configs.

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