SERP customizations

I have a couple of customizations I would like to implement:

  1. How would I be able to add the Vertical name as a Header on the vertical page? Where would I be able to grab that data?

  2. How would I add a go-to-top button at the bottom of all pages (all verticals)?

  3. On mobile, if only a few of the Vertical names in the Nav Bar are shown, how to sort them so the active Vertical name is first so that it always shows?


Hey Stephen, thanks for the questions!
I assume you are using the Jambo theme within our platform rather than using one of our JS libraries to build this frontend correct? If so, here are the answers:

  1. I’m not sure if this is possible today, but much like the answer to number 3 this will become much easier in the near future when we transition the theme to a JS-based approach.

  2. You can edit the vertical pages directly in the code editor by navigating to pages → [verticalName].html.hbs.
    Once in that file you can add an <a href="#">Scroll to Top</a> button anywhere you like

  3. As of right now our default functionality is to keep the vertical order intact, regardless of which vertical is selected. I agree that this behavior is unintuitive, and will be much more flexible in the near future when we switch to a JS-based way to build Answers frontends (coming soon). For now though unfortunately it’s not something that we can do.