Integrating Multiple Search Bars on One Page

My client wants to integrate an Answers search bar both in their header, and in the main body of one of their pages. How do I advise the client to add two search bars that both redirect to the Yext-hosted Answers experience?

Instructions on how to add two search bars can be found here: Place the Search Bar | Hitchhikers

Hi Amani,

This is super helpful information, thank you for sharing!

On a similar note, my client has a search bar in the header on each page of their website. We just finished QAing the experience and are ready to launch. However, my client also has a COVID-19 specific experience that is embedded within the body of a COVID-19 page. Is it possible to have two search bars on one page (one in the header and one in the body) that re-direct to separate experiences?

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Hey Austin - as of now, Answers doesn’t currently support two search bars that redirect to different search experiences.

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Sadly your link points to nower. Could you post the new link please?

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