Issue with Promo banner card : Unable to remove/set appropriate border

Hello Team,

I have a question regarding the results that show up in Universal Search for my Answers experience.

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KG :

  1. In the Answers experience, when I search for a specific query and I get Promo banner and other related verticals in the Universal page as results, I do NOT want the border that is coming for the Promo banner.(refer to pic-1 screenshot). So, for the promo Banner, I have used “border” commands specific to “promotion” class/vertical key and changed the colour to white. (refer to Code-Editor-1 screenshot).

  1. However, I see that along with the borders of the promo banner, the borders of the other verticals on the Universal page (refer to Pic - 2 screenshot) also got changed. The border commands should ideally apply to “Promotion” vertical only.

The borders are fine for verticals with images( Ex: Videos, Wallets) but the borders are missing for other verticals (Ex: Support) (refer pic-3 screenshot)

Request your help and suggestions on the same.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Chaitanya,

In order to to remove that border from the promotion banner, you can add the following to your answers.scss file:

.HitchhikerResultsStandard--promotion {
  & .HitchhikerResultsStandard-title {
    display: none;
  & .HitchhikerResultsStandard-viewMore {
    display: none;
    border: white;