JS Version 1.0.0 and 1.0.1 Release

Confirm that Version 1.0.0 and Version 1.0.1 have been released! Note at the time of writing, the most recent release is Version 1.1.0.

Fixes :adhesive_bandage: :partying_face:

With this release, the following items have been resolved (See JS Version 13.1 - Technical and Visual Regressions)

New Features

Noted Regressions :bug:

1: Default Links mapping is no longer mapping the 鈥榣ink鈥 attribute. When upgrading, you鈥檇 need to add profile => profile.link to data mappings for any links verticals (third party backends)

dataMappings: {
        link: profile => profile.link,
        target: '_blank',

2: As mentioned above, we missed one styling element with accordions. This is needed in the answers.scss to handle, and the longer term fix is being tracked here, Need Border on Accordion Filters 路 Issue #762 路 yext/answers-search-ui 路 GitHub

.yxt-Results.yxt-Accordion .yxt-Results-filters {
    border-right: .0625rem solid #e9e9e9;
    border-left: .0625rem solid #e9e9e9;