JS Version Version 1.4.3 and 1.3.3 Release

Bug Fixes :bug:

  1. UniversalResults’ view more url first defaults to a corresponding url specified in verticalPages, before defaulting to .html. (1.4.3, not applicable to 1.3)
  2. Added display: flex to the SearchBar’s animated search icon. This fixes some interactions with external css that could misalign the icon. (1.4.3, 1.3.3)
  3. FilterOptions checkboxes and radio buttons were changed from align-items: flex-start to align-items: center for better alignment. (1.4.3, 1.3.3)
  4. SearchBars with a redirectUrl will now only redirect on empty searches if allowEmptySearch is true. This addresses a bug in client integrations: currently, an empty search can be conducted from the search bar added to the home page. Now, unless they point to a vertical search, it is not possible to conduct an empty search. (1.4.3, 1.3.3)
  5. Css variables are now correctly ponyfilled on IE11 when using the SDK through a CDN link pinned to a patch version, like v1.4.0. This was only issue for experiences pinned to a patch version of the SDK (e.g. v1.4.0). (1.3.3, also fixed in 1.4.1)
  6. QASubmission’s background-color is now set to white instead of being unset. (1.3.3, also fixed in 1.4.1)
  7. FilterOptions’ caret icon for expanding and collapsing FilterOptions is now set to 12px by 12px instead of 1em by 1em. (1.3.3, also fixed in 1.4.1)
  8. ANSWERS.init()'s onReady() function will no longer fire twice if it fails the first time. (1.3.3, also fixed in 1.4.1)

Feel free to review the Github release notes here: Releases · yext/answers-search-ui · GitHub