Knowledge Graph Assessment 18

Hi all,

For some reason, knowledge graph assessment 18 will not load, no matter how many times I refresh. I’ve also tried leaving it loading for more than an hour and it still just says that it’s “applying the configuration”. Do we have any idea how I can fix this? I need to have the knowledge graph portion done very soon.

Thank you!

Hi Owen,

Apologies you’re having this error! Could you send a screenshot of what you’re seeing as well as a screenshot of the Console?

You can access the Console in Chrome by right clicking and going to “Inspect” and navigating to “Console” tab. You may see errors there. Here’s an example:

This will help us debug!


Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for taking a look! Please let me know if this is what you’re looking for.

Hi Owen,
Sorry for the issue.
Can you please try again? I am able to start the challenge today from Hitchhikers

We will continue to investigate the error you noticed two days ago.

Screenshot of my screen after start challenge:

Hi Owen,
We have investigated and corrected the issue related to some duplicate entries. Please try and let us know if you notice any further issues.
Thank you.