Knowledge Graph - Module 9 - Module Assessment - Crawler Issues

On the Module 9 assessment, I have created the first Crawler, but it is just sitting “In Progress” and hasn’t crawled a single page. I have tried deleting and re-adding the crawler multiple times, checked the URL and I have tried refreshing the page multiple times. Is there a setting or something else that I might be missing?

Hi @Chance_McCord - thanks for reaching out!

It looks like there is an issue with Connectors at the moment that is affecting users across multiple different accounts - our team is working on it now, and I’ll update you here when it’s resolved.

In the meantime, I’ve extended the expiration date on your challenge account to December 7 so that you won’t lose your progress on the challenge.

Thanks for your patience!


Hey @Chance_McCord - this is resolved now, if you readd the crawler again it should work! Let us know if you run into other issues here.