Knowledge Graph - Module 11 - Assessment

Can someone please walk me through Step 5 of the Challenge below?

  1. You want to make sure that for future Entity Uploads this template is applied for all new entities . Update the Saved Upload Configuration (“Weekly Restaurant File”) to apply “New Restaurant Content” to “New Entities”.

I was able to work through every other piece of this challenge, but I don’t see how to do this piece.

Thank you!

Hi Tanya,

This step builds on content from the Entity Uploads module (Knowledge Graph, Module 9). Normally when you upload data files, you have the option to apply a template as well (see Other Ways to Apply a Template here).

You also have the option to apply entity templates (KG Module 11) when you use saved upload configurations (KG Module 9), which is what we want to do in this step. To access the saved upload configuration, go to Account Settings > Upload Configurations. Click Edit on the template you want and then scroll to the bottom. Under Additional Actions, you can choose to apply a template to a group of entities.

I’ve also updated some learning content to try to clear that up!