Knowledge Graph - Module 20 Assessment

Getting the following error message related to the custom role, but everything looks completed in the account. Does anyone have any insights on what would cause the “HoursCTADataManagerCustomRole” error? The custom Role has been created and assigned to the user. Everything looks correct in the platform.

Just started the assessment over again, and now it shows that the user is not created either, but it has been.

Hey Jillian! I am only seeing one challenge account under your email address for this assessment - business ID 3156790. If you restarted the challenge, it may have spun up a separate challenge account for you, since challenge accounts are designed to expire after 5 days.

I extended the expiration date on that challenge account (3156790) until next Monday 5/9 so you can continue working on the challenge! To get into the challenge account, you can click the Open Challenge button in the module and it will take you back into the same account to continue working.

Looks like on that account right now, the sample user and the user role are both not created. If you go back and add those again, and then re-submit the assessment, it should go through.

Kyle had a similar question on this post - I’m wondering if you both might be having a similar issue. When creating the user role, make sure you’re not granting any extra access besides the three specific criteria listed in the assessment:

  • Knowledge Graph - Hours - Edit
  • Knowledge Graph - Call to Action Fields - Edit
  • Analytics - Report Buider - View

If there is any other access on the user role besides those three, the assessment will mark it as incorrect.

Can you try recreating the user profile and user role again, and let me know if you run into any issues?


Quick update - It looks like there were some backend changes made to the user permissions in Yext that this challenge is evaluating, so we need to update the assessment criteria on our side.

To consolidate, I’ll update you both on this post since you’re seeing the same issue!


I seem to have everything set up correctly but I keep getting a score of 0% on this challenge when I try to submit. I am pretty sure I have followed all of the instructions.

Hi Alex,

I took a look at your account and everything is set up properly and I’m seeing that your account is passing all the rules in our backend. Can you try to submit your challenge again? This time, record your screen with the Console open (right click > Inspect > Console tab) so we can see if any errors occur when you submit?