Knowledge Graph -Module 4

Hi Team,

I created the Community Story custom entity . I’ve checked my setup with the challenge and it keeps marking my submission for this as incorrect. Would you be able to advise? I’ve checked the naming of each the entity the custom validation, etc. and I cannot find any descrepancies. I also jumped ahead in subsequent modules and my current configuration looks correct

Hi Sowmya,

You want to make sure to name the entity type as specified in the challenge – “Community Story” and not “communityStory” (which is the API Name).

It should look like this:

Hope that helps!


Hope someone can help. I’ve run into a similar issue. I am not too sure where I am going wrong. Cant seem to complete the below step. Entity type, API Name etc…seems to be right :confused:


Hi @Rodger_Banda,

Thanks for this question, and welcome to the Hitchhikers Community!

It looks like you have an extra space after the “Community Story” custom entity type name. Try deleting it and resubmitting the challenge! You should be all set from there.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


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