KnowledgeGraph - Crawler - Specific Weekly Schedule

I’m configuring crawlers. I see the option for “schedule”, but those options only include “weekly”, “daily”, and “once”. If I set it to weekly, I’d prefer that I crawl the site when it’s in least use, if possible. Is there a method to set a specific start time or day each week? It seems that it inherits this schedule from first run, e.g., if I want it to run weekly on Saturday morning at 1AM I would have to start the first crawl at that time on on that date. Is that right? If not in the user interface, is there a method to set the crawl start time and day of week in the configuration JSON?

Hi @Zach_Shearer,

You currently cannot set a specific time. The way it works is if you set the schedule to weekly, if you initiate a Crawl at 1pm on Monday that finishes at 1:10pm, the next crawl will begin the next Monday at 1:10pm (a week after the previous crawl finishes).

This is a great idea though! You can submit this to the Ideas board for our Product Managers to take a look at.


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Thanks, @Melissa_Kaplan . It looks like there is already an idea in there that matches my criteria. I’ve upvoted that one. For those who happen upon this thread for the same reason, please add your vote: