Links Vertical is always last. Is there a way to change that?

Hi community,

I’m optimizing an experience that contains a Third Party (=Links) Vertical. It was implemented following the steps here.

I’ve noticed the Links vertical is always ranked below the first party verticals, even if the links results are objectively more relevant. Is there a way to change the base score/ranking of the links vertical so that it would be prioritized for relevant searches?

Thank you!

Hey Max,

Since the Links vertical is meant to serve as a fallback option in case there are not Knowledge Graph results for a particular search, it is intentionally buried at the bottom of the results by the Answers algorithm.

There’s not really a great way for a Links vertical to be compared and ranked alongside verticals that use Knowledge Graph data.

  • Using a base score or boost query rule will set the Links vertical to always appear at the top of the results, which I don’t think you want.

  • You may have seen a new vertical ranking algorithm that came out yesterday with our Spring '22 Release Early Access. While this could have potentially addressed your use case, the vertical ranking configurations (bias, threshold, and intents) are only available on Knowledge Graph verticals.

My recommendation here would be to add the relevant content to the Knowledge Graph and feed it into Answers that way. This will also give you more functionality with what is displayed on the card and the analytics you can get.

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