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i’m blocked with this challenge.
In particular with:
Add the Restaurants Page ( and update the configuration

Add the FAQs Page ( and update the configuration

Add a new multilang-restaurant card and update the services property

I follow all the steps, but of course somethings is wrong.
I can notice that when i look for the ES preview it is impossible to see any result.
Here my sandbox:

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Hey @francesco_maiocchi - thanks for reaching out and nice to meet you! :slight_smile: I am dropping in a few hints to hopefully get you moving in the right direction, please let me know of any follow ups.

1) Restaurants

Double-check the vertical key. This should match the name of the vertical key in your Answers Spanish config:

The key can be found in your Experience Configuration:

Make sure you have verticalsToConfig on your restaurants page. I don’t see this, did you potentially delete this object from For reference, take a look at the english restaurants page (starting at line 63) to see the format.

2) FAQs

Make sure to fill out the verticalsToConfig key:

3) Forked Card

You will need to make sure the API name mapping for services has profile. prepended to the API name. You can reference the other field mappings in the component.js file if you are unsure of the format there!

Note that once you update the card mappings, you’ll need to make sure you reference the forked card in your spanish Restaurants JSON page. It is configurable within verticalsToConfig “cardType”.

Hope this helps get you back on track!


Thank you very much Sam, i’m going to try it again :slight_smile:
Just a question related to the vertical to config.

The 16 instruction in the challenge says:
Update the restaurants page as follows:

  • Remove the verticalsToConfig object as you want to inherit this from the English language (you’ll create a new card that can be used for both languages in the next step). Make sure to delete the comma preceding the verticalsToConfig object and that you delete the right number of braces!

I understand I should delete it. Am I wrong?

Thank you very much

Hello Sam,

i updated with your suggestion, but unfortunately I got the same errors :frowning:
Am I missing something else?
Thanks for your help

Hi @francesco_maiocchi - I see you are getting close here! You are correct regarding the verticalsToConfig object on the page. Good catch!

I noticed the live preview page for your Spanish locale is not building. We can fix this by following the below two steps:

1) Double check your verticalKey for restaurants. This should just be restaurants. See my first note above for more context.

2) Double check verticalsToConfig for FAQs. This needs to have the vertical key faqs! Check my second note above for more context.

Can you please test out these changes again per my original note? I also don’t see step 3) Forked Card implemented from my original post where you will need to update the API name.


Hello @Sam_Torres,
thank for your help.

I think that this challenge has few bugs.
I try to submit it with the same code and this time i got it :slight_smile:

Hi @francesco_maiocchi thank you for the update, and I’m glad you were able to successfully complete the challenge. It’s one of our most difficult challenges! :slight_smile:

We’ll take a look at your submission to ensure there aren’t any bugs. Thanks again.


Hi I am having a similar error with adding the restaurant page and updating the configuration. this is what my file looks like

Any idea what im doing wrong?

HI Cori,

Thanks for reaching out! Based on your second screenshot, it looks like you have a couple small syntax errors.

  1. There is a red squiggle line under showMoreLimit because there is a comma missing in the line above (line 26) after true
  2. In line 37, be sure to remove the comment out syntax of **/

Once you make those changes, make sure there are no more red lines in your code before committing.

Let us know if that helps resolve!


Hi Alyssa,

I made the changes you mentioned and also made sure there were no more red lines before I committed but Im still seeing an error for that same part of the challenge. Here is my new screenshot of the fixed any ideas?

Hi Cori,

That looks great! Taking a look at your account, there are a couple notes: First, it looks like you kept the pages/ file and deleted the English restaurants…html.hbs file (per Step 15). To resolve, you can rename this file to omit es. To rename the file, hover over the three dots next to the Name like so:

Next, you’ll want to comment back in Facets components so that your Facets work again.

You can see the changes you made that you want to revert in this commit:

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 12.06.46 AM

Lastly, Step 16 notes to remove the verticalsToConfig in your file which means you want to remove all the sections under in those braces including universalSectionTemplate:

Let me know if you have any questions after you complete those steps!


Hi Alyssa,

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me here! I actually had to start the challenge over today since my sandbox environment expired. However, I still seem to be getting the same part of the challenge wrong even after trying to follow your suggestions from when I was wrong. See new screenshots

I made sure to remove all verticaltoconfig objects and I dont see any squiggly lines indicating theres an error with the JSON. Any ideas?


Hi Cori,

You’re very close! It looks like the verticalKey is off which is causing no results to show in your live preview. Your verticalKey should be restaurants and not “Restaurantes” which is the name of the vertical. It is set correctly in the backend config:

Adjust the verticalKey in line one and hopefully you’re good to go. Submit your challenge!

Additionally, just wanted to call out that the best thing to do for checking your work or debugging is to click “Update Preview”. To see Spanish preview, simply add /es to the end of the preview URL. That will show you the Spanish live preview and you can see your results!


Hi Alyssa,

Thanks so much! At first I changed the verticalkey to Restaurants and got it wrong but once I changed it to lowercase “restaurants” I was able to complete the challenge!

Really appreciate your patience and help!

Hi! I’m having a similar issue with adding the pages. Specifically I can’t quite get “Add the Universal Search Page ( and update the configuration” and “Add the Restaurants Page ( and update the configuration”. My vertical key seems to be okay (set to restaurants). I initially had removed the VerticalsToConfig but when I added it back in I got a different item on the report card to work (it didn’t affect the pages either way). Does anyone have any suggestions? When I try Live Preview I’m not able to get a search bar to appear either.

Hi @Hannah_Gaertner,

It looks like the verticalKey for your Spanish page needs to be updated (as well as the Page Title). Your verticalKey should be restaurants and not “Resultados para Restaurantes”:

Also, like Alyssa had pointed out for a previous post, Step 16 notes to remove the verticalsToConfig in your file which means you want to remove all the sections under in those braces including universalSectionTemplate:

Let us know if you’re still running into issues!


Hi! Thank you, the restaurants page is now working. I’m still having trouble with the Universal Search Page ( though. I added it in and it has a json file (which I updated according to the instructions), but for some reason it’s still not being recognized.

Hey All,

I am having a hard time with the: Add the Restaurants Page ( and update the configuration objective. I have followed the above tips/posts but I am still running into the same error. I would greatly appreciate any help!

Hey @Kevin_Zhang !

Looks like a small issue here - the name of your vertical config file is currently “” but the challenge is expecting “”. Everything else looks good!

Hope this helps,

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Hi everyone! I’m having a hard time with the Add the Restaurants Page ( and update the configuration & Add a new multilang-restaurant card and update the services property. I have followed the above tips but am still getting the same error. Would anyone be able to help?

Sandbox account: 2658928