Multi-Language Profiles included in Configuration as Code (December '20 Release)

You can now pull and apply multi-language profile content on the entity resource. If you have additional language profiles and content stored on those profiles, you will now see that content when you pull your entity configuration in the Admin Console. It would look something like the below where:

  • Entity ID is 123
  • Primary Locale is “en_US”
  • The entity has one alternate language profile for “es”
  "$id": "123",
  "$schema": "",
  "primaryLocale": "en_US",
  "content": {
    "yext/address": {
      "city": "Austin",
      "countryCode": "US",
      "line1": "4909 Duval St",
      "postalCode": "78751",
      "region": "TX"
    "yext/addressHidden": false,
    "yext/categoryIds": [
    "yext/featuredMessage": {
      "description": "Please visit us today"
    "yext/name": "The Happy Restaurant",
    "yext/timezone": "America/Chicago"
  "entityType": "yext/location",
  "folder": "yext/root",
  "labels": [],
  "alternateProfiles": [
      "locale": "es",
      "content": {
        "yext/name": "El Restaurante Feliz"

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