New Financial Professional Type (Fall '20 Release)

With the new Financial Professional Entity Type, you can better structure information about professionals like Mortgage Loan Officers, Wealth Managers, or Insurance Agents.

This entity is structured to be able to sync to location listings (it’s “location-like”), but it includes 10 additional built-in fields tailored for Financial Professionals like, Certifications, Awards, Resident License, and Education & Training.

Once you enable the type in the Knowledge Graph, you’ll be able to:

  • Create Page Builder pages using Financial Professional templates and with markup.
  • Use a new Financial Professional card in your Answers search results
  • Sync your Financial Professionals with Listings
  • Monitor and generate Reviews for your Financial Professionals

To learn more about Financial Services Knowledge Graphs, visit the Data Modeling training module.

If you have any comments, feedback, or questions on this feature, leave a comment below!

Hi @Liz_Frailey !

Can we confirm which Financial Professional fields will be available based on the publisher?

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