New Product Entity Type fields (November '21 Release)

With the November ‘21 monthly release, we added 31 new built-in fields for the Product entity type. These fields allow customers to store more specific product-related information such as sales, promotions, shipping information, pricing details, and more.

To add these fields to the Knowledge Graph:

  1. Click Knowledge Graph in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click on the Product entity you would like to edit or select a set of entities to edit multiple entities at once.
  3. Click on the Product field you wish to edit and make your desired change.
  4. Click Save.

To turn on this feature in your Production account, you can fill out this form here and select “New Fields for Product Entities” from the list of features.

Below is a complete list of the product fields that can be filled out in the Knowledge Graph along with the section they can be found in:

  1. Core Information
    a. MPN
  2. Product Details
    a. Availability Date
    b. Inventory Quantity
    c. Condition
    d. Includes Adult Content
    e. Product Highlights
    f. Expiration Date
  3. Pricing
    a. Sales
    b. Production Cost
    c. Number of Items in Pack
    d. Unit Pricing Measure
    e. Unit Pricing Base Measure
    f. Bundle
    g. Installment Plan
    h. Subscription Plan
    i. Loyalty Points
  4. Shipping Details (New)
    a. Shipping Weight
    b. Shipping Length
    c. Shipping Width
    d. Shipping Height
  5. Media
    a. Primary Photo
  6. Landing Pages
    a. Mobile Optimized Landing Page
  7. Apparel-Specific Details (New)
    a. Target Age Group
    b. Target Gender
    c. Material
    d. Pattern
    e. Size Type
    f. Size System
  8. Vehicle-Specific Details (New)
    a. Energy Efficiency Class
    b. Minimum Energy Efficiency Class
    c. Maximum Energy Efficiency Class
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