🗓 October 27, 2020: Hitchhikers Office Hours

Add questions or topics below that you would like to have answered or discussed during this office hours session!

Can we review how to use a custom asset as a CTA icon?

I have a client who is interested in seeing Search Refinements - is there an easy way for us to see that in our analytics platform or visualize it somehow without pulling the logs and looking at all the session IDs?

Hi Henry! Do you have an example of an asset you’d like to use?

Sure. Here’s an example of a triangle I want to use that would fit with my brand’s guidelines.


Hey Jessie - this isn’t currently available in our platform, but we’ll keep you updated!

Hi team,

Posting some of the materials referenced today!

We’ll follow up with the recording later today.

Here’s the recording: HH Office Hours - Zoom