Open Status Automation (September '21 Release)

Previously, if you wanted to update translations for open status messages, you would need to go to table-string-i18n.js file and and open-status-i18n.js. With this update, we’ve moved the open status strings to the PO files, which is the same place as all the other translations (they are no longer special flowers!). To edit open status translations, you can update the translations directly in those PO files. To locate them, shadow the relevant po file, and search for the string, and update it as needed.

Upgrade Implications: If you forked the stringlocalizer.js and formatter-internals.js, you’ll need to re-fork. All translations should be in the respective .po files now instead of in the table-string-i18n.js file and and open-status-i18n.js file, which previously contained static translation string map to each language.