Option-Select Transform in Streams (Winter '21 Release)

Under the hood in Knowledge Graph, Option-Select (multi and single option select fields) are stored such that:

  • Only the immutable value for each option is stored as data on a given entity, rather than display names of those values, which can be changed. Only the selected options are stored per entity, rather than all available options.

However, consumers often want access to the display names and the unselected options, for example, to display both supported and unsupported payment options for a given location on a page or in Answers.

Streams has added two new transforms to ensure that consumers of Streams can access both option value display names and unselected options for Option-Select Fields included in Streams.

Streams support two separate transform types:

  1. expandOptionFields: Output document includes all option fields, including unselected options.
  2. replaceOptionValuesWithDisplayNames: Output document only includes selected options with display values replacing option values.