Overriding Location NLP Filters

Hey team,

We’re currently building an Answers experience for Financial Professionals, and are running into a strange issue for certain search queries that we’re looking to resolve. Specific search terms such as “Aaron” are triggering the NLP filter for builtin.location, rather than name, even though both are configured as NLP searchable fields. We looked in the API response, and it seems that “aaron” is a city in GA, which is causing the distance filter to be applied, even though there are many advisors in the account with the first name “aaron”.

We tried inputting an NLP filter order to prioritize rank over location, but that did not update the search results. We have custom fields for both First Name and Last Name - would we need to explicitly add those as searchable fields in order to have the query “aaron” show name-based results instead?

Thanks so much!


Hey Aidan,

There are two potential solutions that come to mind for this situation.

First, you could go into Experience Training in the experience configuration and reject the builtin.location NLP for these queries if you don’t want it to be applied. That will ensure that whenever someone searches that same exact query in the future, the NLP you rejected will no longer be applied.

Second, you could make First Name an NLP Filter and put that field higher in the NLP Filter Order than builtin.location. If you just have an NLP Filter on the full name, searching “aaron” is not a close enough match to trigger an NLP Filter on a specific full name that includes “aaron”.

Hope this helps,

Thank you so much, DJ!!! That worked perfectly.