Search for location entities recognizing some but not all cities, countries

Implementing for an international retail brand in 6 languages. Working in the English experience, I’m noticing that searches like “Locations near ___” or “Service Centers in ___” only work for certain countries/cities (works best for US locations). With the builtin.location field set to NLP filter, is it unable to parse out countries or cities if they are not otherwise coded in fields? If so, what workarounds might I have available to me? Thanks!

Hey Curtis,

Do you have some examples of the NLP filter not working for certain countries/cities? This will help us figure out what’s going on. Sometimes there could be conflicting NLP filters that are applied instead of for builtin.location.

If the country and city of a location is included in the location’s address, builtin.location should be pulling them in. If you’re seeing a lot of searches for countries and cities in this Answers experience, you could also add NLP filters for and address.countryCode (or other address subfields) to strengthen the filter for location. Note this will filter to exact matches only.

For transparency in the community – I was able to get the builtin.location field working as an NLP filter by adding countries in the “Country Restrictions” component in the Additional Settings of the Answers Configuration. As I understand it, by default the builtin.location field is set to the United States. But after I added in these countries it is working as it should! Thanks to @DJ_Corbett for the help!