Overriding Overlay's default prompt attributes - 'View All' Link/Button

We are trying to develop a search overlay and would like “View All” button/link to open up the full search experience instead of staying in the overlay screen. We think it is possible, I just need to some help to confirm exactly how to amend the prompt attributes highlighted in the HH guide. From what I understand it would be tied to the target prompt attribute which by default is self where it opens up the link within the overlay panel but we need to instruct it to override it and open it up as a search experience. Would you be able to help us understand how to amend this in the code?

Figured out the answer with @Federica_Carrus help :raised_hands:
The target attribute would be “_top” in the a element and the code would look something like this:

<div class="HitchhikerResultsStandard-viewMore"> 
  <a class="HitchhikerResultsStandard-viewMoreLink" **target="_top"** href="URL" data-eventtype="VERTICAL_VIEW_ALL" data-eventoptions="{&quot;verticalConfigId&quot;:&quot;healthcare_facilities&quot;}" data-is-analytics-attached="true"> 
  <div class="HitchhikerResultsStandard-viewMoreLabel">View All
      <div class="Icon Icon--chevron " aria-hidden="true">
  <svg viewBox="0 0 7 9" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg">
    <g fill-rule="evenodd" transform="translate(-1 -8)"> 
    <path d="m2.6417004 8-1.1417004 1.0575 3.70850202 3.4425-3.70850202 3.4425 1.1417004 1.0575 4.8582996-4.5z">